TRIP TO B.H.M.S. Important change notice

TRIP TO B.H.M.S. Important change notice

by Olga Zvereva -
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Dear Students,

!!! urgent notice:  today we received information that the planned direct return flight Zurich-Riga 02.02.22. departure 14:20 p.m. arrival 17:45 p.m. at Riga was cancelled. In case you bought these tickets, please call Airbaltic (paid number) 90001100 and the operator will change your tickets without additional fee (same price)  to the flight 02 02 2022 Zurich - Riga (with 1 stop in Amsterdam) ,  flight KL1952 departure 02 02 2022 at 06:30 am from  Zurich - arrival Amsterdam 08-20 am,  flight BT618 departure Amsterdam 09:55 am - arrival Riga at 13:05 pm. Do it at once, while the tickets are available. 

In case you have not bought the tickets yet, the price for flight is higher now. But it was expected that special offers will not be available for long period.

Later I will make an updated presentation with updated flight details - as reminder. 

The flight to Zurich 30 01 2022 - is ok at the moment, as planned. 

In case of questions, email: