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Conference EMERGE 2021

by Olga Zvereva -
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Dear Students, Dear Colleagues, we were kindly invited by our colleague Ilona Beliatskaya to join the online conference EMERGE 2021 on 12- 14 May, 2021, which 'has been uniting great minds in tech since 2018 and been recognized as the leading tech conference in Eastern Europe and Central Asia'. You can find more info and register here for free or use promo code E21STUDENT to get your PRO ticket with 50% OFF. Such topics will be covered: Future of different industries and our home planet;  Founder stories & Investor novels; Women in tech; Build & Grow tech products; Global markets expansion; Wellbeing.

Final application round for Erasmus+ funding 2021

by Julija Pasnaka -
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Dear Students!

The final call for applications to participate in Erasmus+ mobility activities in summer 2021 is now published! You have an opportunity to become an Erasmus+ project participant, receiving many benefits while going abroad to Italy, Greece or Spain to do the international internship in hotels.

Erasmus+ funding covers travel tickets, insurance, accommodation, language classes and assessment, as well as provides a scholarship up to 500 EUR per month. Additionally hotels pay 300-500 EUR salary per month and provide some other benefits, for example, meals. 

The length of internship is 3-4 months, the maximum - up to 4 months. 

If You are interested, send Your application to become an Erasmus+ mobility project participant to the e-mail: Application must include 2 files: CV (Europass format) and Motivation letter. Application deadline is 30/04/2021. There are 5 places for students available in this application round.  

For more information please write to

P.S. Students who have applied in winter 2020/2021 and have been approved as Erasmus+ project participants, do not have to apply again.


by Olga Zvereva -
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Dear All!  We kindly invite ALL colleagues and students (1st year, 2nd year, graduates) to the III INTERNATIONAL APPLIED RESEARCH CONFERENCE ‘SUSTAINABILITY IN HOSPITALITY 2021’ on April 09, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. Read the final programme, updates for second part, technical time reserve is combined with break:

Step 1: REGISTER here on 08.04.21. (as attendee or speaker) to attend and get the certificate after the conference

Step 2: Check your login, password before the conference 08.04.21., connect to the conference by computer / laptop, try to connect BBB Button, check microphone settings. .

Step 3: CONNECT for the conference 10:00 a.m. Riga time.  


Time reserve for connection, uploading, and additional questions is combined with break time in 2nd part. Sequence, timing may change due to technical reasons, please follow the updates online. We will be happy to see you, please join! In case of important questions, please email 

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