Erasmus Adult Teaching Staff Mobility Call 1 “Teaching or training assignments”

Erasmus Adult Teaching Staff Mobility Call 1 “Teaching or training assignments”

by Olga Zvereva -
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Erasmus Adult Teaching Staff Mobility Call 1 “Teaching or training assignments”

Erasmus pieaugušo izglītības speciālista nodarbību vadīšanas KA1 projektā mobilitāte

Erasmus+ Accreditation for Adult Education 2021.-2027., Nr. 2020-1-LV01-KA120-ADU-094540, VIAA Nr. LV01/KA120/ADU/2020/001

Project 2021 and Agreement 2021 No. 2021-1-LV01-KA121-ADU-000006170

Call-1 Date: from April 22, 2022 by May 13, 2022


Dear Adult Education Teaching Staff ,

SIA "HOTEL SCHOOL" Viesnīcu biznesa koledža (HOTEL SCHOOL Hotel Management College) announces the Call-1 for the participation in the competition for Erasmus+ funded Teaching assignment mobility during the period from June 2022 to September 2022 (or July 2022 to October 2022 in case of technical reasons) in the Erasmus Adult Education Project KA1 2021 “Adult Education Mobility” with agreement No. 2021-1-LV01-KA121-ADU-000006170 .

Please prepare your application with the CV, motivation letter and other attachments to participate in the competition and send to the email starting from Aprill 22, 2022 by May 13, 2022.

The objectives of the Erasmus Adult Education Project and the Call-1 are:

1.     (Continuously) improve competences in Sustainable Development, ESDGC, Global Dimension of adult educators, adult learners (direct, indirect), non-academic staff;

2.     Develop sense of initiative, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competence (including skills, knowledge, attitudes) of direct and indirect HS adult learners;

3.     Enhance digital competence (basic and advanced) and digitalization competence of adults interacting with HS as adult learners, adult educators (direct and indirect)

4.     (continuously) improve communication in foreign language of life-long learners (including adult educators and adult learners);

5.     Strengthen HOTEL SCHOOL collaboration and networking with international labour markets, stakeholders involved for life-long learning activities, research and dissemination

Number of competition mobilities: The competition includes 2 Teaching Staff Mobilities  of adult education staff with duration 60 (sixty) days each mobility.

Mobility Schedule: Individual schedule for 60 days mobility of each participant will be arranged during the period from May 31,  2022 to September 2022 (or July 2022 to October 2022). The 2 (two) travel days will be added to the overall schedule.

Place of Mobility: Italian Hospitality School, Via Lima 7, 00198 Roma, in the diplomatic center of Roma.

Place of Living: accomodation upon your choice from funded from the daily support.

Teaching Assignment at: Italian Hospitality School upon individually developed programme for teaching courses.

The participants are offered and the following will be covered:

-        Travel tickets from Riga to Roma and from Roma to Riga, plus transfer to Roma from the airport and from Roma to the airport; to the maximum limit of 275 EUR;

-        Daily support sum 144 EUR per 1.-14. day, 101 EUR for 15.-60. days.;

The board of the 3 members will review the applications during the period from May 13, 2022 to May 20, 2022 and will announce the results in the period of May 20, 2022 - May 30, 2022.

The board will review the applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:






Applicant's name, surname



Application date



Registered College ADULT EDUCATION SPECIALIST. (yes / no)



Registered College ADULT TEACHER (yes / no)



Motivation for participation, achievement of tasks and goals (yes / no)



Applicant's activity in College events (yes / no)



Understanding of the Project, project goals and objectives (yes / no)



Compliance of travel and residence documents with preparatory activities for project participation at the time of selection (yes / no)



Compliance of the travel and residence document during the project activity period (yes / no / will / probably will)



Compliance with the project objective and / or objectives (yes / no)



Already participated as an Erasmus + participant (yes / no)



Decision (approve / reject)



According to the Regulation for the Selection of Erasmus Project Participants from March 21, 2022, approved by the Council on April 04, 2022, the priority will be given to the adult teaching specialists (adult teaching staff) who:

- who have fewer opportunities (for example, participant with disability, mental or other health disorders, student with children, with the status of a low-income person, and other (according to Erasmus definitions);

- who are motivated to participate, to achieve tasks and goals;

- who have the Applicant's participation activity in the College's events;

- who have an understanding of the project, project goals and objectives;

- who have the conformity of travel and residence documents to the preparatory activities for participation in the project at the time of selection;

- who have the conformity of the travel and residence document for the project activity period;

- who are fit to achieve the purpose and / or objectives of the project;