About BTEC assessment rules

About BTEC assessment rules

Nosūtīja Julija Pasnaka
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   Dear BTEC Students!

This is an additional explanation from the Academic Department about BTEC assessment rules. Please read the following information carefully:

1.    Students must submit the completed assignment until the deadline set by the assessor.

2.    Students may be given authorized extensions for legitimate reasons, such as illness, at the time of submission. Extension requests should be made prior to the assessment deadline and should be formally approved by the Academic Department. Please contact Mrs. Jekaterina Sadovaja (jekaterina@hotelschool.lv) to request the extension.

3.    If the above mentioned rules are not followed students will be charged 35 EUR for the late submission of the completed assignments.

4.    Students have only one assessment opportunity.

5.    A student who, for the first assessment opportunity has failed to achieve a Pass, must undertake a reassessment. The cost is 35 EUR. Resubmissions must be authorized by the Head of Academic Department Mrs. Julija Pasnaka on the basis of information provided by assessor.

6.    Only one opportunity for reassessment of the assignment will be permitted.

7.    If a student has not met the conditions listed above, the student will be required to repeat the unit. The cost of repeating the unit is 250 EUR.

For additional information please open the file attached to this topic.