Study process in September 2021

Study process in September 2021

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Head of the College Order on the organization of study work in September 2021

In accordance with the current amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 360 from June 9, 2020 “Epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection” in September 2021 to implement all educational programs of the HOTEL SCHOOL Hotel Business College in face-to-face study mode.

In the face-to-face study process in person can participate:

1) persons with valid vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 disease certificates;

2) the persons tested, certifying it with an appropriate Covid-19 negative test result obtained during the last 48 hours.

Face masks should be used in College premises for staff and students who do not have a valid Covid-19 certificate.

To determine the obligation for the staff members and students involved in the face-to-face study process to submit a vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 disease certificate, or a negative Covid-19 test result in the study department of the college - by sending it to e-mail or submitting it to Smilšu 3, Riga, room 43. The test result must be submitted the day before the scheduled lecture.

The costs of testing Covid-19 are covered by the staff members and students from their own resources.

Assign methodologist Baiba Berzina to be responsible for checking the vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 disease certificate submitted by staff members and students, as well as negative Covid-19 test results.

The Head of the College determines by order the persons who may participate in the face-to-face study process. Other persons (staff members and students) participate in the study process remotely via the college e-learning platform

When conducting face-to-face lectures, the academic staff admits to the study room (auditorium or laboratory) only those students who are admitted to face-to-face studies by the order of the director. The other students are expelled from the study room.

In force from September 1, 2021.