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SCHEDULE UPDATES from 03.12.2020. by 11.01.2021.

SCHEDULE UPDATES from 03.12.2020. by 11.01.2021.

nosūtīja Olga Zvereva
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Dear Students,  

As you know (in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 719 ,in force from 03.12.2020), 

ALL LECTURES will be proceeded ONLY ONLINE via BBB from 03.12.2020. by 11.01.2021.(Professional Identity - by 21.01.2021.)

Some short individual lectures (1:1) by Roman Artamonov in International Gastronomy and Food Innovation will be proceeded during LECTURE TIME and according to individual schedules (informed by R.Artamonov) - ONLY IN MASKS! Other students, who are not individually scheduled, will participate during this lectures ONLINE. 

Will keep updated!