Schedule updates for Week 02.11.2020. -06.11.2020

Schedule updates for Week 02.11.2020. -06.11.2020

by Olga Zvereva -
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Dear Students (VPO, BTEC), Dear Learners (VPS, VP, BTEC), Dear Colleagues - please review!

Please find updates for lecture schedules for the week 02.11.2020. – 06.11.2020.:

FACE-TO-FACE LECTURES week 02.11.2020. – 06.11.2020.:

During all practical lectures, which happen face-to-face, do not hesitate to use own plastic transparent masks suitable for communication, or usual hygiene masks, disinfect hands, follow distance 2m.

Lecturers should ensure Moodle BBB connection for lectures to students who will stay at home during FACE-TO-FACE Studies. 

College (VPO):

-          Oļegs Ņikadimovs - Entrepreneurship – 04.11.2020. (in class, next week lectures can be online- follow updates)

School (VPS):

-          Eduārds Ādmīdiņš - Latvian for Foreigners (course starts 02.11.2020.)

-          Romāns Artamonovs - Contemporary Gastronomy

BTEC (also BTEC learners with individual schedules:

-          Romāns Artamonovs - International Gastronomy, Food Innovation,


ONLINE LECTURES week 02.11.2020. – 06.11.2020:

College (VPO):

-          Iveta Vanaga - Work in Multicultural Environment,

-          Jekaterina Korjuhina - Quality Management in Business, Civil Defence (course starts 09.11.2020.)

-          Oļegs Ņikadimovs - Marketing for Hospitality, Rooms Division Operations Management I, Food and Beverage Operations Management,

-          Olga Zvereva - The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (Tuesdays)

School (VPS):

-          Jekaterina Korjuhina - Work Safety (course starts 02.11.2020.)

-          Oļegs Ņikadimovs - Housekeeping Operations,

-          Olga Zvereva - The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (Thursdays)

Courses (VP):

-          Jekaterina Korjuhina - Work Safety (course starts 02.11.2020.)

-          Oļegs Ņikadimovs - Housekeeping Operations,

-          Olga Zvereva - The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (Thursdays)

BTEC (also BTEC learners with individual schedules:

-          Oļegs Ņikadimovs - Managing Accommodation Services, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (School VPS, Courses VP), Hospitality Marketing Essentials

-          Olga Zvereva - The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (VPO-BTEC Tuesdays), The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (VPS, VP Thursdays), Leadership and Management for Service Industries (HOCAM), Management and Operations (BUSINESS)

For details please contact Methodologist Jekaterina Sadovaja;

Timing according to initial schedule, no change for this week.

Stay sound and learn with pleasure in any situation!